Field reports on my employment!


Company: Manufacturing industry, €30 million turnover/year, 60 employees
Position: CEO
Situation: Internal discrepancies between production, sales and technology, resulting in production problems and decreasing customer satisfaction
Task: Analyse and find solutions
Challenge: To “intercept employees”, increase effectiveness while simultaneously reducing costs
Result: Using change management meant that 12 months later a future-oriented department for technology and development was in place. It implemented customer requests immediately and was able to develop new products for the future in a structured manner.

Digital Transformation

Company: Manufacturing industry, €17 million turnover/year, 95 employees
Position: CEO
Situation: High dependency on a major customer
Task: Acquire new business/new customers
Challenge: To shake up well-established sales structures and address lack of cooperation with other departments and customers
Result: All activities were rendered measurable due to digital transformation starting with management accounting and financial controlling. I also introduced the principle of agility as a mindset; a combination that enabled every sales employee to assess their own performance on a monthly basis. This made it possible to agree targets which were in line with the corporate strategy.

Corporate Strategy and Organisation

Company: Manufacturing industry and services, €10 million turnover/year, 50 employees
Position: CEO
Situation: Ageing corporate culture that was to be handed over to the next generation
Task: Develop a strategy and implement it in the company
Challenge: To avert insolvency by showing customers, suppliers, employees and banks credible prospects. This was achieved by implementing a strategy developed from market conditions which encouraged all parties to continue.
Result: Two years later, it was possible to hand over a functioning company that fulfilled its commitments and offered a future for all to the next generation.

Strategic Business Development

Company: Electrical engineering, €12 million turnover/year, 43 employees
Position: CEO
Situation: Shareholders wanted to be prepared for the upcoming M&A
Task: Stabilise, expand and implement new business areas for a more positive company valuation
Challenge: To develop and implement a new strategy to increase sales and earnings
Result: It was possible to set the company apart from the competition and secure its business model by applying for two patents and introducing ISO 9001:2015 with an integrated corporate strategy as a guideline for the coming years.

Supporting information and details available on request