Filtration technology


International Sales Manager, responsible for sales, marketing and R&D of new products


Communications technology


CEO, responsible for expansion in Southern Germany



CEO, development and expansion of a sales company based in England with headquarters in Bristol

Control technology

CEO, responsible for 23 employees

Focus: Business development, process management, sales and strategy development

Coating technology

CEO, responsible for 50 employees

Focus: Averting insolvency. Reorganisation of the company and introduction of new technologies and distribution channels

Transport equipment

CEO, responsible for 95 employees

Focus: Business development by means of international sales strategy, process management and introducing new products

Exhaust systems

CEO: responsible for 60 employees with annual turnover of € 30 million

Focus: Restructuring of Sales, Controlling, Technology and Development departments. Handover of restructured departments with associated strategy to the shareholders

Management consultancy

Focus: Cooperation with experienced management consultants in the area of interim management, restructuring, process management and sales

Property management

A consortium of 42 individual companies

Interim manager: Reorganisation of operational processes, particularly in the area of commercial and sales activities. After 58 years, it was necessary to restructure the individual companies and hand them over to the next generation

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